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Charity Cups

Details will be added asap, for now please see Stroud League's Full-Time pages and the separate Charity Cup website.


County Cups



The County Cup draws are uploaded to Full-Time shortly after being received from the GFA.


Any team that has to reverse a County Cup fixture should contact Mr Don Fletcher (contact details in the GFA handbook) and the GFA. Please also inform the Leauge Fixtures Secretary in order to amend the Full-Time listing.


If you need a copy of the County Cup teamsheet, download the form from the GFA County Cup pages (here).
For player registration numbers, use a players' FA number (FAN).


For GFA registration purposes, teams are normally placed in the following sections:


Divisions 1 & 2 = Junior (N) Cup


Divisions 3 & 4 = Intermediate (N) Cup


Divisions 5 & 6 = Minor (N) Cup


Division 7 = Primary (N) cup






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