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League Cups


The Draws for the 2018-19 season have been made. Details will be uploaded to Full-Time following the 2018-19 season setup being in early July.


Round One:

Sharpness  v  Cam Bulldogs
Taverners  v  Kingswood
Berkeley Town  v  Chalford
Longlevens Res  v  Upton St Leonards
Tuffley Rovers Res  v  Hardwicke
Quedgeley Wanderers  v  Stroud Harriers  (Quedgeley will now receive a bye)

(Ties to be played on Tues 21st or Weds 22nd August 2018)
Stonehouse Town and Frampton United received a Bye to the Q.Finals.


Quarter Finals:
Sharpness  OR  Cam Bulldogs  v  Taverners  OR  Kingswood
Berkeley Town  OR  Chalford  v  Stonehouse Town
Longlevens Res  OR  Upton St Leonards  v  Tuffley Rovers Res  OR  Hardwicke
Quedgeley Wanderers  v  Frampton United

(Ties to be played on Weds 29th or Thurs 30th August 2018)



Round One:
Kingswood Res  v  Leonard Stanley
Abbeymead Rovers  v  Frampton United Res
Old Richians  v  Barnwood United

(Ties above to be played on Tues 21st or Weds 22nd August 2018)

Tredworth Tigers  v  Hardwicke Res

Dursley Town  v  Charfield
Tetbury Town  v  Kings Stanley

Longlevens 3rds  v  Stonehouse Town Res
Randwick  v  Rodborough Old Boys

(Ties above to be played on Sat 24th November 2018)


Quarter Finals:

Tredworth Tigers  OR  Hardwicke Res  v  Kingswood Res v Leonard Stanley
Abbeymead Rovers  OR  Frampton United Res  v  Dursley Town v Charfield
Tetbury Town  OR  Kings Stanley  v  Old Richians  OR  Barnwood United
Longlevens 3rds  OR  Stonehouse Town Res  v  Randwick  OR  Rodborough Old Boys

(Ties above involving a GNSL team to be played on Sat 22nd December 2018 or on a preceding Sunday)

(Ties above involving two SDFL teams to be played on Sat 12th January 2019)


Taverners Res  v  Tredworth Tigers Res
Didmarton  v  Whitminster
Chalford Res  v  Kingsway Rovers
Barnwood United Res  v  Minchinhampton
Quedgeley Wanderers 3rds  v  Sharpness Res
Tuffley Rovers 3rds v  v  Tibberton
Upton St Leonards Res  v  Thornbury Town Res
Quedgeley Wanderers Res  v  Uley
Trident  v  Cam Bulldogs Res
Wotton Rovers  v  Horsley United
Wickwar Wanderers  v  Stroud United  (Wickwar now receive a bye)
Eastcombe  v  Ramblers
Longford  v  Tetbury Town Res

(Ties above to be played on Sat 24th November 2018)



Alkerton Rangers  v  Longlevens 4ths
Dursley Town Res  v  Saintbridge
Stonehouse Town 3rds  v  Charfield Res
Rodborough Old Boys Res  v  Painswick
Stroud Harriers Res  v  McCadam
Hardwicke 3rds  v  Randwick Res
North Nibley  v  Tuffley Rovers 4ths
Hempsted   v  Berkeley Town Res
Avonvale United  v  Kingsway Rovers Res
Wotton Rovers Res  v  Old Richians Res
Cotswold Rangers  v  Chalford 3rds
Abbeymead Rovers Res  v  Kings Stanley Res
Frampton United 3rds  v  Bridgeway

(Ties above to be played on Sat 1st December 2018)


Cam Bulldogs 3rds  v  Cashes Green
Cotswold Rangers Res  v  Gloster Rovers
Randwick 3rds  v  Longford Res
Sharpness 3rds  v  Uley Res
Horsley United Res  v  Stroud United Res
Ramblers Res  v  Cam Everside Wanderers
Tuffley Rovers 5ths  v  Abbeymead Rovers 3rds
Brockworth Albion 3rds  v  Minchinhampton Res
Cashes Green Res  v  Stonehouse 4ths
Leonard Stanley Res  v  Uley 3rds
Tetbury Town 3rds  v  Eastcombe Res
Woodchester  v  Chalford 4ths
Rodborough Old Boys 3rds

(Ties above to be played on Sat 1st December 2018)


Round 2 of the Chairman's, Dennis Mason & Bill Bick Cups will be played on Sat 12th January 2019.

The same date applies for Round 1 of the three Plate Competitions for which all the losing SDFL teams will be placed into. The draws for these will be made in early December.





County Cups


The County Cup draws are uploaded to Full-Time shortly after being received from the GFA.


Any team that has to reverse a County Cup fixture should contact Mr Don Fletcher (contact details in the GFA handbook) and the GFA. Please also inform the Leauge Fixtures Secretary in order to amend the Full-Time listing.


If you need a copy of the County Cup teamsheet, download the form from the GFA County Cup pages (here).
For player registration numbers, use a players' FA number (FAN) - available on a Clubs' WGS pages.


For GFA registration purposes, teams are normally placed in the following sections:


Divisions 1 & 2^ = Junior (N) Cup                              Divisions 2* & 3 = Intermediate (N) Cup


Divisions 4 & 5 = Minor (N) Cup                                 Division 6 & 7 = Primary (N) cup


^ = top half of 2017-18 season                                      * = lower half of 2017-18 season

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