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Welcome to the 2018-19 Season


Forthcoming dates - Managers and Players to note:

Player Registration - After 1st March, clubs will not be able to register or transfer players, with two exceptions, Rule 18.i applies.


Use of Higher Classified Players - Rule, 18.m, is clear, and also kicks-in after 1st March, but if you are in any doubt, then please speak to Jeff Willerton or Keith Sparrow and we will clarify.

April Fixtures - Finally, outstanding fixtures that are yet to be rearranged will be done so after Sat 02-March (County Cup S/F's and the bulk of League Cup S/F's). The majority of these fixtures will be set for a Saturday in April, but there will obviously have to be a few midweek games. 


The current end of season date for League fixtures is Sat 27-April.




A reminder of the Player Registration process (see handbook p.14):



Keith Sparrow sent all Clubs a copy of the Registration Sheets in operation this season. Please use these to sign your 2017-18 players on.

For players that are new (or were not registered last season), you must use a Registration Form (either the one that was in operation last season, OR the one-piece version that can be downloaded and printed off from the "Forms" tab.).


A player is registered and permitted to play in a Competition match if the registration of the player was submitted on WGS prior to the Competition match.

The registration sheet/form must be received by the Registrations Secretary prior to, or within 72 hours of the Player playing in a Competition Match. 

* Individual player photo ID must be uploaded to the registration record on WGS for each registered player. Non-acceptable photo ID will result in the registration being rejected or required to be replaced.

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