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01-Dec:  The new updated Player Eligibility rule runs from 1st Dec to 1st March.
Team managers need to check that they are compliant (see Rule 18.M in the handbook). The below file provides an up-to-date list of appearances for each SDFL team, as at date shown.





A reminder of the Player Registration process (see handbook p.35):



Keith Sparrow sent all Clubs a copy of the Registration Sheets in operation this season. Please use these to sign your 2019-20 players on.

For players that are new (or were not registered last season), you must use a Registration Form that can be downloaded and printed off from the "Forms" tab.


A player is registered and permitted to play in a Competition match if the registration of the player was submitted on WGS prior to the Competition match.

The registration sheet/form must be received by the Registrations Secretary prior to, or within 72 hours of the Player playing in a Competition Match. 

* Individual player photo ID must be uploaded to the registration record on WGS for each registered player. Non-acceptable photo ID will result in the registration being rejected or required to be replaced.

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