Mr Steve Marshall has taken over as League Secretary.
Steve's contact details are:
email:      Telephone 01453 810690

No further correspondance should be sent to the previous League Secretary.

25-Sep: Coaley Rovers are now playing in Red & Black shirts and Red shorts

22-Sep: Leaonard Stanley Res are now playing in Grey shirts and Grey shorts

10-Sept:  Problems with the whole of the Full-Time system today meant that no sms messages were sent to the designated contacts (until much later). Clubs should still send their result to the number listed on the inside of the handbook ie 07860 025022 as these will still get registered (although it looks like the Full-Time system is unable to convert these into actual visible scores on the division pages). Stroud League administrators can still see who sent what when, so please still send in your result to this number if you haven't already done so.

A reminder to ALL Clubs that alternate contact info needs to be sent to all League Officers (and affected Clubs) in the event of a Secretary being away for any weekend etc.