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Welcome to the 2018-19 Season


03-Aug: Whitminster in Div-3 have withdrawn from the League, their fixtures have been removed from Full-Time.


All fixtures have been uploaded to Full-Time.

Dates to note where there are currently no League fixtures, but teams need to be available to play:

22-Sept - County Cups (Divs 4-7) - Round 1

06-Oct - County Cups (Divs 1-3) - Round 1

20-Oct - County Cups (Divs 4-7) - Round 2

03-Nov - County Cups (Divs 1-3) - Round 2

24-Nov - League Cups (Divs 1-3)

01-Dec - League Cups (Divs 4-7)

12-Jan - League Cups (Divs 1-7) - Round 2, ... plus Plate Comps - Round 1

02-Mar - League Cup Q/F's

06-Apr - League Cup S/F's

ALL teams are expected to be available to play on ALL Saturdays in April 2019


Frampton Utd Res team have been given permission to be released on promotion to the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League, we wish them well.


Stroud Utd have been given permission to withdraw their First Team (Div-2) from the League. Their Reserve Team (Div-7) now becomes their sole team.


This season's League Cup Competitions have been drawn and are available to view on the Cup Competitions tab.



A reminder of the Player Registration this season:



Keith Sparrow has now sent all Clubs a copy of the Registration Sheets in operation this season. Please use these to sign your 2017-18 players on.

For players that are new (or were not registered last season), you must use a Registration Form (either the one that was in operation last season, OR the one-piece version that can be downloaded and printed off from the "Forms" tab.).

Clubs must access WGS in order to complete the registration process. If a Club attempts to register a player via WGS but does not fully and correctly complete the necessary information via WGS, the player will NOT be registered.

A player is registered and permitted to play in a Competition match if he has signed a fully and correctly completed Competition registration form in ink, countersigned by an Officer of the Club and the registration of the player was submitted on WGS prior to the Competition match.

The registration sheet/form must be received by the Registrations Secretary within 72 hours of the Player playing in a Competition Match. 

* Individual player photo ID must be uploaded to the registration record on WGS for each registered player. Non-acceptable photo ID will result in the registration being rejected.



.. and finally, be aware of this deadline

Each Club must have at least 11 players per team registered by 4th August.  (note the term "per team", so for 2 teams in the League you need at least 22 players registered by this date.)

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