NOTICES for the 2014-15 season:

1-Sept: Div-6 Avonvale 3rds have withdrawn from the League.

28-Aug: County Cup - The GFA have confirmed the draw for the County Cups. A copy of the draw is now listed on the County Cup tab.

The Charity Cup fixtures and draw are now available on the Stroud League's Full-Time pages. Clubs should now :
* complete teamsheets before the game
* respond to Full-Time sms requests for the score (if not received then revert to previous system)
* upload team/player details using Club logins on Full-Time
* send in a Results card/form as per previous seasons
Basically, this is the same system as for the Stroud League fixtures. All queries should be addressed to the Charity Cup Secretary, Alan Dwight.

Please note that Steve Leach has now moved house. 
The new address is in the new handbook.

Also, a reminder that Steve must be in receipt of ALL registration (signing-on) forms before those players are eligible to play, simply entering the player details onto Full-Time does not register a player to play ... Steve must receive the completed and signed form.

23-Aug: Nympsfield have a new kit, they now play in Burgundy shirts and shorts.

23-Aug: Can all Clubs please double check their fixtures that were recently completed onto Full-Time. Any anomolies should be referred back to the Fixtures Secretary.

20-Aug: Div-5 Hawkesbury Stallions have withdrawn from the League.