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Stroud & District Football League sponsored by Bateman's Sports and Kappa Teamwear

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Need to add or change one of your team's sms contacts for texting in the matchday result?


 * None of us like being fined, but Clubs are reminded that all the Officers of the League volunteer tremendous amounts of time and need Clubs to do their bit to enact a smooth running of the League. As a result League Officers will fine Clubs for items of poor administration according to the Rules of the League. The below gives a brief listing of some of the regular (weekly) fines to avoid:

 * Failure to sms the correct score (in the correct format) within 45 mins - fine £5 (£15 if later than 2 hours or not sent at all)
 * Late update on Full-Time of team details, and/or referee/sportsmanship marks - fine £15 

 * Failure to include red card and double yellows on Full-Time - fine £10

 * Failure to inform the relevant Officer or opposition club of a postponement - fine £15

 * Postponement of a fixture after 11am - fine £25


And whilst the following are not a weekly occurrence, the below can be very costly:

 * Non-attendance at a League Council meeting - fine £50

 * Late payment of a bill from the Treasurer - fine £25, then £50 for subsequent transgressions

 * Failure to register 11 players for each team one week prior to the start of the season - fine £25

POSTPONEMENTS  -  should only be made in the event of County Cup involvement or adverse weather conditions causing the pitch to be unplayable.

 * the Fixture Secretary, Referee's Secretary and opposition must be informed with immediate effect.

When postponements are requested due to an unplayable pitch,
 * In Divs 1 & 2, if the reverse fixture has not been played yet, then the opposition MUST be given the opportunity for the fixture to be reversed. Failure to do so will result in a 'broken fixture'. See Rule 20.E.


When postponements are requested on or before matchday, due to insufficient players,
 * if less than 8 weeks notice is given - 3pts deduction and £25 fine
 * if at least 8 weeks notice is given - £25 fine only - PLEASE NOTE: this MUST be requested in writing and sent to the Fixtures / League Secretary - without this permission, the pts deduction will still apply


The following relates to rule 20.B. and the requirement that all clubs are expected to be able to play on any Saturday during the season.

Any team that is unable to play on a Saturday for which they currently do not have an appointed fixture, the Club Secretary MUST notify the Fixture Secretary, and give at least 8 weeks prior notice, in order to avoid a fixture being rearranged for that date.

If notice is not given, and a rearrangement date is then notified, the fixture will be set and will be subject to normal postponement rules.

Exceptions: ALL teams are expected to be available to play on ALL Saturdays in April, unless written approvement is given by the League.

MATCHDAY RESULTS (SMS) - ALL results must be texted via the Full-Time sms service. Each team should have two nominated contacts who will receive a reminder. The following still applies:

 * From Nov to Feb, results must be received by 5:00pm 
 * For all other Saturday fixtures, results must be received by 5:30pm
 * For fixtures where an alternative k.o time is arranged, result must be received within 60 mins of the final whistle
 * For midweek games, results must be received by 9:15pm, or within 60 mins of the final whistle

 * The format of the sms must be:
(score of home team) dash (score of away team) space (four character code notified on original sms*)
1-3 COD2       or        1-3
*Please note that there is only a requirement to include the code IF that mobile number is registered on Full-Time against more than one team or club.

RESULTS (FULL-TIME) - All result information to be uploaded to Full-Time.

 * All details must be completed within 4 days of the fixture. Results will be "locked" by 9pm on the 4th day (usually Wednesday). In recording which players played in a fixture, please check for accuracy and that the starting 11 players, along with any substitutes are recorded.
The following details MUST also be uploaded:
 * A Sportmanship mark for opponents must also be given in the range 11 to 100. If lower than 60, then a report must be sent to the League Secretary (or a fine will be applied)
* Referee name - If a referree is appointed, the official will be assigned to the fixture on Full-Time. In the event that a different referee officiates, whether (late) appointed or supplied by one of the clubs, then this should be indicated as required by the Full-Time entry.
 * A Referees total mark must be included in the range 10 to 100. Where a mark of less than 61 is given, a report MUST be sent to the League Secretary (or a fine will be applied)

Please note that the Management Committee will discuss any such low referee or sportmanship marks at their meetings and will act accordingly where they deem it is necessary to take matters further.

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