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Club & Referee Contacts Info - 2018-19

Rules & Fines List 2018-19

 2018-2019 Season Handbooks have been issued to Clubs. Any club needing further handbooks should contact the General Secretary.

An "online" version of the handbook has now been uploaded, see above.



2018-2019 Season - Handbook changes – last amended 3-Jan-2019

 p.2. The League Treasurer has a new email as of 2nd Jan 2019:

 p.2. The Assistant Secretary, Gary Chapman’s postcode should read GL2 2HP

 Club Details:
 * Berkeley Town have a new Secretary:  Jordan Moore,  Tel: 07553181809,  Email:
 * Cashes Green change of Saturday contact: Craig Redbond, Tel: 07817968383  (replaces Ash Bridgman, who replaced John Mourton earlier in the season)
 * Cashes Green - Della Gilby replaces Dan Kirby as a League Delegate
 * Cotswold Rangers new Secretary: Dan Shoesmith, Tel: 07866337580, Email:
 * Frampton United – change of Secretary email, now:
 * Kingsway Rovers have a new Secretary:  Thomas Quick,  Tel: 07305521077, Email remains the same. Thomas will also replace Ash Herbert as a Saturday contact.
 * Longford – change of Secretary mobile. New number is now 07383994386
 * North Nibley have a new Secretary: Jim Davis,  Tel: 07738287796,  Email:
 * Stroud Harriers Reserves now become their First Team (following their GNSL withdrawal)
 * Stroud Harriers new Secretary: Ed Kelland, Tel: 07903010884, Email:
 * Stroud United – Sat am contact, Graham Fisher 07803810233 replaces John Dalton
 * Tuffley Rovers email is incorrect in the handbook, it should read
 * Uley – All three teams will now play in Royal Blue

 * Upton St Leonards have a new Secretary:  Craig Worgan, Tel: 07872072066, Email remains the same.


 Change of Ground:
 * Cotswold Rangers First & Reserve Teams will play at School Lane, Whitminster, GL2 7NL
 * Rodborough Old Boys Reserve Team will play at Stratford Court, Stroud, GL5 4AQ
 * From 24-Nov, Tuffley Rovers 5th team now play home fixtures at Tuffley Park (Wingate).


 Change of Referee Details:
 The following referees registered following the printing of the handbook:

 Shane Lewis - Tel: 01452 546825,  Mobile: 07914415085,  Email:
 George Evans - Mobile: 07932156041,  Email:
 Barry Upward - Mobile: 07760356141,  Email:
 Greg Penrith - Mobile: 07377379766,  Email:
 Mark Davies - Mobile: 07584031550,  Email: 
 Nathan Stevens – Mobile: 07428168807,  Email:
 Dave Gorman – Mobile 07854850576,  Email:
 Gerry Wilkins – Tel: 01452 780736
 Brian Stevens – Tel 01453 826025
 Sam Myett – Mobile 07932 551802,  Email:
 Paul Burn – Tel: 01453 451790,  Mobile: 07795193991,  Email:


 Updated Referee details:
 Joe Riley – Email:
 Ken O'Neil – Email: 
 Terry Cleasby – Email:
 Ian Swales – correction to handbook entry, email should read:
 Greg Penrith new email address:
 Martin Tudor – change of mobile number to 07702 867853


 Withdraw of Teams:
* Frampton United Reserves (Div-1) - on emergency promotion to the GNSL
* Stroud United (Div-2) - First team only, their Reserves in Div-7 now become their First team
* Whitminster (Div-3) - the Club has now disbanded
 * Bridgeway (Div-5) - the Club has now disbanded



 Corrections to, or omissions from the Rules section in the 2018-19 handbook:

 4. (A) Applications to be received by 30th April
 5. (C) General Meetings will be held in August and January. Any Club absent from General Meetings will be fined in accordance with the Fines Tariff.
 11. (D)  In the event that a Club postpones four or more matches for a team during the season, ie. broken fixtures as defined in Rule 20. (E), it will be subject to exclusion from the League but only through the processes as defined in Rule 12 (A).

  12. (D)  Any Club or Team failing to complete all of its fixtures in any season shall (unless the conditions are beyond their control, or the accredited delegates present at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting decide otherwise by a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast) be debarred from membership the following season. 

  23. (F)  Remove the words “and expenses”.



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